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5955 Lindsey Lane

Allen,TX 75002 (Allen Location)





13730 Gamma Rd

Dallas, TX 75244 (Dallas Location)


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SouthFork Sports Complex(Allen)

M-W 4pm-9pm

Friday 430-9pm

Saturday 10-1pm


The Yard(Dallas)




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Welcome to MattReillyBaseball

My experience in professional baseball and years of instruction has molded my intensives into the most competitive quality possible.  From relative terminologies to building personal relationships with clients, I take extreme pride and professionalism teaching the game of baseball. What MattReillyBaseball offers is not only just a private lesson, but a continued successful and dedicated journey towards achieving goals in baseball.



PITCHING - Throwing is a very important part of the game.  When discussing pitching in this type of lesson, understanding the technique will be key.  Not only pitching philosophy, but throwing from all positions can be better understood in this lesson type.  Care and injury prevention will definitely be addressed as well.  Through personal experience, being injured and the recovery process is a must-know to further educate care of the arm.


CATCHING - Several important skills will be addressed.  With catching being one of the primary communicative positions on the field, this lesson will feature blocking, proper throwing, calling signs, reading the field, etc.  The ability to make the pitcher feel more comfortable on the mound and strategically control the game are crucial. 


HITTING - A very popular lesson, hitting is one of the most exciting aspects of baseball.  It can also be the most frustrating.   Proper mechanics are a necessity to make contact, then harnessing those mechanics to create an explosive swing.  Tracking the baseball, recognizing pitches, linear/rotational hitting and understanding balance and stability will be instructed.


FIELDING - Footwork is everything is this quick and explosive lesson.  First and second step reads, glove side and frontside ground balls, short hops, one hops and line drives are just to name a few topics worked on here.  Seeing the field, hitter adjustments and communication are crucial pieces in maximizing your success as a fielder.


BASE RUNNING - Being able to get great jumps don't just happen.  Timing, strategy and technique will return a high success rate in this lesson.  Picking up your coaches, communicating with teammates and proper base paths are all discussed.


I look forward to working with you soon!!!


Matt Reilly


MRB is happy to announce the full implementation of HUDL Technique Video Analysis at the highest level.  From stop and go, video crossover, video comparisions, voiceover, editing, sharing and more, there truly are no limitations to improving technique and skills. Click here to download app

The MRB Accountability Program is strictly for enforcement of technique and ultimately work ethic. Once to twice per month, depending on each player, we will update, refresh and edit the program based on each individual's progression.  MRB is happy to add this crucial component to the overall instruction experience. Download form on Media Page.

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